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Folk Festivals.. Dead Rabbits.. and Sick Dogs..

May. 29th, 2007 | 09:16 am

It's been a long week.. chance got 'sick' well.. not sick.. but not well either at the start of it, and the vet's weren't (and still arn't.) sure what's wrong with my pup.. Basically he's done something to this neck and was in a large amount of pain.. so far.. we've had two consultants, two pain killer injections, 40 tablets.. and it seems to be better, there's no yelping with movements anymore, and easier eating.. so, i'm hoping this is the worst of it over.. We're due back to the vets today, so maybe things'll work out..

But the weekend came and lifted everything back up again, a bit so to speak.. t'was Chippenham Folk Festival.. and probably the first time in 'bout two years that i've been there.. i never realised how much i missed it all until i went back.. Friday night Cailiegh (which i can't spell) was the first one i'd been too in a while.. and so many people i'd not seen in..forever, it felt.. were there.. i was a happy camper.

Got to dance with my group again yesterday (havn't danced in 'bout three years with them..) and i got up and danced Tantrums, and Black Adder.. again, i was a happy camper.. AND i didn't mess up.. my memory surprised me..but oh.. it was so much fun.. Hips and Haws has grown pretty well since i was last there.. a nice batch of new members.. the old ones are there too.. i so want to go back to it, and right now i probably will, well for the few weeks i'm here before i head back to America..

Then today became a bit of a downer on all the good that had happened, the Rabbit died this morning.. he's only a youngster too.. just turned 4.. and was a bit of a shock to me this morning.. i hope it was quick and that he didn't suffer, somehow i think it might have been quick.. but, still.. rabbits gone now, and i don't think i'll get another..

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Me again..

May. 25th, 2007 | 05:23 pm


I'm back from america for the time being.. although give me six weeks and i'll be back over there again.. i'm excited.. you'd think it'd wear off now? wouldn't you.. i guess not!

I never got to go to Tenerife in the end.. My flights were cancelled and i got stuck (much to my amusment..i must admit) in PA for a while week longer, finally getting home on the 20th April instead.. and then ended up having a week longer off of college because my classmates brought back impertigo back from Tenerife and basically got us all quarantined..

..since then, time has flown by.. dissertation and exams left to do and then this foundation degrees finished.. although i'm changing to a hons degree for next year.. a top up..then, it'll be to american and never come home.. or so i plan.

everything's working the right way.. at the moment, so maybe my dreams for once will actually come true! i sure hope so.

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America the second time..

Mar. 31st, 2007 | 07:09 pm

Well, I'm back in the states again for a second time.. and I've realized it's been a while since i last updated this ol' thing of mine!

Well i've been here in PA just over a week.. and lots of things have gone wrong! Getting stuck at a airport with a 14 hour delay on flights.. death of a horse..and now i've gone and lost my driving license!! SHIT! (although i think i know where it is.. so it should, *hopefully* be okay!

But other than that PA's been a bag of fun again, as it was last time.. seen four foals born.. three filly's and one colt (i think).. so yeah lots of experience.. brought new boots today too!..

i love it here, i feel loved and i feel welcome. off to Ropers tonight (ghost riders..)dancing.. dancing FUN!

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Yet Another Update

Feb. 1st, 2007 | 04:37 pm

Well, it's me here again.. up the person that rarely updates.. and such, but lifes busy at the moment..

..going out with friends..

..i guess the truth is i have more of a social life now really.. not that i'm complaining! But i'm always around MSN or Yahoo.. so if you want to contact me, feel free! If you don't have my email address leave me a comment and i'll contact you..somehow.

..theres always myspace where you can find me..

Anyway, things are okay for me at the moment.. america's fast approaching again..followed by Tenerife right after, its going to be a busy year.. but i get to travel and that excites me!

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(no subject)

Jun. 26th, 2006 | 12:02 pm

Ice cream tends to be making me hyper over here... hehehe.. had oreo mcflurry yesterday and it left my hyper for most the evening! anyway...yesterday..

Got back from Ghost riders dance club at 3am, crawled out to the tent and went to bed.. woke up at 11am! was sooooo tired, came in and had pancakes for breakfast.. pancakes and syrup.. and chocolate chip pancakes.. yuuum.. and then went back to bed..

been having alot of headaches recently.. and i'm a tad ill.. cough cough cough.. sneeze.. cough.. it's just a summer cold.. but yeah.. headaches alot, and although i can take Tylenol.. i try not to take it too often.. so i went back to sleep in the tent.. i was also in a irritable, grotty mood and the young kid.. he was bugging me.. kim joined me in the tent and we both woke again at 2.30..

went in to eat lunch... steak, corn and mash potatoe.. i didnt eat all that much.. and then we went bowling, with steph, josh, kim, and rob..went home via Mcdonalds.. where i had mcflurry.. and then back to stef and josh's where we played cards :D i was winning.. until i got onto phase 6.. the games callled phase 10.. and you have tasks to do.. its hard toexplain.. didn;t finish the game..went home instead to sleep at 1am.. and now, i'm awake again!

oooh...and we didn't eat at stef's as planned the other night..was taken out for chinease instead.. nice! still stayed over stephs though..

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(no subject)

Jun. 23rd, 2006 | 11:48 am

Well, back again to update!

My night shofts have finished now, the last mare had her foal tuesday! wish i had had my camera to take photo's! of all the times to forget it ;) She was almost a whole month late foaling! but that's nothing new...apperently she's always somewhat late!

Surrounded by those not so feral..feral kittens.. ones asleep on my lap (grey) and the two ginger ones are sleeping by my back and by the computer mouse! Ahadow the black labrador is at my feet..soaking wet..

Had a few days of rain now.. real severe storms..weds night was harsh.. poored with rain, ohio and other surrounding places had floods.. they were also on tornado watch..as were we..but nothing came from it.. other than heavy winds, rain.. thubder and lightening.. the thunder was so loud the floor vibrated.. and i jumped a fair few times as it was so loud.. then we had another storm yesterday afternoon whilst i was out on jerry.. so that ride was cut short..warm rain..thunder...lightening.. and as we were driving home the rain was so harsh we couldn't see.. then there were penny sized hale stones! although everyone over here is used to driving in it.. and the lightening was pretty to watch from the truck.. and it was so humid that the rain was inviting!

We went out to stephs last night.. had 'sgetti and twix ice cream!...uuum...ice cream.. i've taken a liking to oreo's and ice cream...yuum.. as i found out at 3am sat morning at eat'n'park. although hershey's kisses are nice! Staying at Steph's again tonight with kim.. avoiding the house as much as poss here atm.. theres lots of argueents between the oldest son and rest of the family.. me and kim tend to avoid.. so..not sure what i'm having there :D all i know is ice cream.. so far :D

ooh, found homes for the two ginger kitties.. so taking them off together next thursday :)which is when fair starts.. looking gforward to that! should be fun.. me and nookie are ready for the races..don't think i'll plae very high, but its the fun that counts! as they're game races.. now..races..

*yawns* day off from work today...work starts again tomorrow.. helping to train deago on a halter! should be fun.. got the yard/stable/stalls/ which need cleaning too.. then exercising nookie, ally and ribey! think we're gonna exercise cali (resident wild pony) and Dek (stallion!).. and bathing.. when it warms up!..oh and worming...apperntly Cali'll kill us!..so i'm preparin for a fight with the wild pony!

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(no subject)

Jun. 19th, 2006 | 12:18 pm

Reporting from Hilliards PA again!

Things are still going good over here! Went riding again last night on nookie, a very cute horse :D did a few training schemes with her! in preparation for the fair, which is next week! i'm riding in it, scary!

Had rain for a short while this morning, first bit of rain since i arrived! you wouldn';t think so now though!

The kittens are getting so good around us, no longer hiding.. the little grey comes and climbs up my leg to be petted :D

Me and kim are still sleeping outside, although we migrated into the tent last night to keep dry!

Also went swimming in the river yesterday too..heat was really really welcomed!

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(no subject)

Jun. 16th, 2006 | 12:34 pm

Yet another warm day! its meant to reach 92 degres at some point this week! todays about 80 degrees.. its loverly! :d

Going out to eat tonight at the tastey house! Apparently the portions are huge, but good for their money :D been eating all weird and wonderful food, stuff i rarely eat at home.. havn't seen much here food wise that i actually know what it is.. well chocolate wise.. i've only seen kitkats and snickers.. ohand Ritz crackers!

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(no subject)

Jun. 15th, 2006 | 10:17 am

Greatings for Hilliards PA!

I'm having a whale of a time out here! Everyones so friendly! So kind.. so much different from back at home! Working long night shifts this week, 8pm-5am! checking on mothers and foals.. or expectant mothers not seen any births yet! but maybe i'll get lucky!

Went exercising the horses! that was fun we're surrounded by noting but forests! great for riding in//although my stallion did take off with me and start bucking me off! but i managed to stay on! surprisingly!

its nice and warm :)aboslutly love the weather! went swimming in a river the other day!

oh! Also found three feral kittens, and a dead mother, looked like something in the forest got her.. not sure what.. but we're hand rearing the kittens.. they're so very cute! two ginger tabby's and a tailess grey!

anyway..off to get a shower!

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(no subject)

Jun. 3rd, 2006 | 04:05 pm

Well.. i never did update in full about the goo goo dolls concert! for info..go see Del's entry! i want to see them again!!!!

Things are good at the moment, going out tonight to go bowling and for a meal with close friends and family as a 'send' off type thing.. sounds like it's going to be sooo much fun :D :D :D

Tomorrow i intend to catch up on sleep.. and then go to my last work shift until september.. and then come home and sit online late.. beause i won't have to worry about exams ;)

Monday i'm going to put my car in for MOT.. hope it passses.. and go to the cinema with another friend.. because she can't make tonight..

tuesday = nothing

weds = see ducky.. if my car passes the MOT

Thurs... Bryan Adams!

Friday = BON JOVI!!!!!!!!!!!

Sat = America !!! - nervous!

ooh.. and packing at some point too..

America - 7 days!
Bon Jovi - 6 days
Bryan Adams - 5 days

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